My name is Muriel Green and I created Documinutes: 60 Second Documentaries! I have a bachelor’s degree in film and a master’s degree in library science. Feel free to reach out via email


Publications and Speaking Appearances

Create, Communicate, Captivate: Inspiring Media Production in Your Library
Jun 25, 2017 Presentation at ALA conference

Learn how academic, school and public libraries can spark creativity and transform users from passive consumers of media into content creators and active participants in their information environment. Join us as we guide you through key aspects of creating a thriving video production space and coaching users with effective instruction manuals, lesson plans and assignments on how to create short documentary films and other multimedia projects. Once your users are creating amazing multi-modal works, showcase projects to promote and inspire more participation, and increase support for high-impact programs.

Filmmaking Instruction in Libraries, Teaching the 60 Second Documentary Format
April 4, 2017 Presentation at ER&L conference

Documinutes are 60-second documentaries that anyone can learn to make. I taught filmmaking classes at Lawrence Public Library in the summer of 2016 and found Documinutes to be a good match for library instruction. Patrons who learn this filmmaking method apply a range of skills and complete a finished product.

Filmmaking Instruction in Libraries
October 20, 2016 Presentation at KLA conference

We live in a visual culture. Filmmaking has become a crucial skill for individuals interested in small business promotion, historical documentation, citizen journalism, and performing arts. Libraries are positioned to meet this community need by providing public access to video creation tools. Tools include not just cameras and computers, but also instruction.

Over the summer of 2016 I taught eleven filmmaking classes at Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas. As a filmmaker with eight years of professional experience and a film degree, I was uniquely qualified to teach these filmmaking classes at my library.

In my presentation I will describe how I developed a curriculum for the studio that matched the goals of the library, information services department and information technology department.

In Documinutes: 60 Second Documentaries, students make their own short documentaries in a learning-by-doing environment. All sizes and types of libraries can offer this class. A review of challenges and successes in the implementation of this class will lead into a discussion of scalability for different budgets.

Documinutes: 60 Second Documentaries
August 4, 2016 publication Presentation at SIDLIT instruction design conference.

Anyone can make a 60 second documentary. In this presentation I will describe my experience at the Lawrence Public Library’s Sound + Vision filmmaking studio instructing patrons in the Documinutes method. The presentation will cover high-level theory, implementation, and how to scale filmmaking instruction for institutions of various sizes.

Documinutes: 60 Second Documentaries
Spring/Summer 2016 Colleague 2 Colleague

This article describes how to create “documinutes” (60-second documentaries) through a five-part instruction module used for filmmaking instruction in public libraries.